Hello! We are Tami.
Tami is; a multifunctional space where combines guesthouse, coffee shop, bar, event space, and residential apartment. You can enjoy anything here in your own way such as lodging during your trip; relaxing at the cafe; living at the apartment for long-term stay; or looking forward to something "special". It's totally up to you!

Here is a fun tip. Please leave your camera during the stay at Tami.
When we communicate in our hyper-informational societies, can we still remember the sense of direct communications and hands-on experiences of collecting information? We would like to provide these kinds of direct experiences during your stay, therefore, we prohibit visitors from taking photographs at Tami. And then, please enjoy possibilities of your bodies without media technologies, keep your memories into your heart without your cameras. Now, that is a rare and fun experience, isn't that?


Regular Dorm Beds: 3,100 yen/night
Private Room: 4,300yen/1person 8,000yen/2person 10,800yen/3person 14,000yen/4person 17,500yen/5person 21,000yen/6person

Long Stay Special Rate
7nights – 13nights 10% off
14nights – 20 nights 20% off
21nights – 27nights 25% off
28nights – 30nights 30% off

Cancellation Fee
The day=100% of the accommodation cost
Before 3 days from before the day(until 10 PM in Japan Time)=50% of the accommodation cost



Check in starts at 5:00PM, until 10:00PM
Check out time is 10:00AM
Please contact us if checking in and out before/after office hour.



We have Male, Female dorm rooms and Private room for 1-6 person. Bathroom, full kitchen and living room are located in the same building. Each room capacity is 6-person. Please make up beds by yourselves.

Each bed is equipped with curtain, outlet, and spotlight. Bathroom, which has amenities such as hand soap, hairdryer, shampoo and conditioner, is open for 24 hours. A rental bike, Wi-fi. Laundry with detergent costs 200 yen per wash.



We offer alcoholic and non-alchoholic refreshments and snacks at our cosy cafe. Enjoy hand-driped coffees and try local Sake rice wines and freshly-made desserts. Our menu is rotating by season. We also provide walls or displays at this cafe as exhibition space, lounge as event space. Please contact and consult us to use it.

MENU e.g.
Soft drink 400 yen-
Alcohol 550 yen-
Snack 250 yen-

Weekdays (exc. Wed)
7:00AM – 10:00AM / 6:00PM – 10:00PM
Sat and Sun
7:00AM -10:00PM



Guesthouse (Tami)
TEL +81-858-41-2026
EMAIL: mail[@]tamitottori.com

Office (Ukabu, LLC)
546 Ryūtō, Yurihama-chō, Tōhaku-gun, Tottori-ken, Japan