Tami opened in October 2012.

Tami is where we cherish each individual’s time.

Tami is where we share every moment happens here together.

Tami is where we come across many of your lives and we face our own lives through it.

Tami is where we and you meet your pals from far and near.

Tami is where we “live”.

We prohibit from taking pics here at Tami.
Record your experience with your own body.

Tami is operated by Ukabu LLC.
We opened and run a sister store, Y Pub&Hostel, in Tottori City in 2016.


Regular Dorm Beds(mixed gender): 3,500 yen/night
Private Room: 4,500yen/1person

*There are 5 private Japanese-style rooms, and each room is different in size.

Room 4 1 person / 4,500 yen (max. 2 persons)

Room 5 1 person / 4,500 yen (max. 3 persons)

Room 6 Available from 2 persons 1 person/4,500 yen (max. 4 persons)

Room 9 Available from 2 persons, 1 person/4,500 yen (max. 6 persons)

Room 10 Available from 2 persons 1 person/4,500 yen (max. 6 persons)


Long Stay Special Rate
7nights – 13nights 10% off
14nights – 20 nights 20% off
21nights – 27nights 25% off
28nights – 30nights 30% off

Cancellation Fee
The day=100% of the accommodation cost
Before 3 days from before the day(until 10 PM in Japan Time)=50% of the accommodation cost



Check in starts at 5:00PM, until 10:00PM
Check out time is 10:00AM
If arrival is after 22:00, a late fee of 1000 yen per couple will be charged. Please be sure to call in advance.
If you do not call in advance, we will not be able to accommodate you after 22:00, even if you have a reservation.



We have mixed gender dorm rooms and Private room for 1-6 person. Bathroom, full kitchen and living room are located in the same building. Each room capacity is 6-person. Please make up beds by yourselves.

Each bed is equipped with curtain, outlet, and spotlight. Bathroom, which has amenities such as hand soap, hairdryer, shampoo and conditioner, is open for 24 hours. A rental bike, Wi-fi. Laundry with detergent costs 200 yen per wash.



We create menus that incorporate seasonal changes and moods.
We purchase vegetables, beer, coffee beans, and sake from producers who are very particular about their products.
We offer recommended plates, side dishes, snacks, and light meals that children can also eat.
There are not many choices, but we hope you will enjoy the taste of “Tami”, which is handmade one by one.

Recommended Rice Plate (with Salad & 2 kinds of deli) 1000yen
・Taiwanese specialty! Rou roe fan (Rice with braised beef and bamboo shoots)
・Bibimbap rice bowl (Rice with some kinds of Korean Namul )
・Asian Minced Meat Rice
・Neapolitan with homemade meatballs, etc.

Spice Curry Plate (with Salad & 2 kinds of deli) 1000yen
Homemade Spice Chicken Curry
∙ Homemade Keema Curry

Pickled white squid with malted rice and assorted pickles 500 yen
Floating seasonal desserts from 550 yen

・Sanin(Tottori&Shimane) Japanese breakfast plate with roasted green tea 880yen
・Tomiya Bread Toast and boiled egg set with your choice of drink 600 yen

CAFE HOURS(exc. Wed.Tue)

Thursday 6:00PM – 10:00PM
Friday 7:00AM – 10:00AM / 6:00PM – 10:00PM
Sat and Sun 7:00AM -10:00PM
Monday 7:00AM – 10:00AM



Guesthouse (Tami)

340-1, Chukoji,Yurihama-chō, Tōhaku-gun, Tottori-ken, Japan
TEL +81-858-41-2026
EMAIL: mail[@]tamitottori.com